Welcome to the first Hospital Records podcast of 2020! Starting off strong, join us as London Elektricity whips through fresh new drum and bass, including tracks from Kings Of The Rollers, S.P.Y, Nu:Tone and the forthcoming ‘Sick Music 2020’ compilation! 



Kings Of The Rollers - You Got Me (S.P.Y Remix)

Mitekiss - Something Real (feat. Ruth Corey)

Dutta & Marky - Waffles

BrandNewTrumpets - FM Frequencies 

Dawn Wall - Take Controll

Enei - Ghost Boat

Posij - No Cats

Jesse Fancis - Call Last Night (Natus Remix)

Optiv & CZA - In Too Deep

Optiv & CZA - Cabin Fever

Urbandawn - Egregor

Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued)

DJ Hazard - Far Fetched

Dr Meaker - Fighter (feat. Lorna King) (S.P.Y Remix)

Seba - Lose Control (Technimatic Remix)

London Elektricity - Vapor Trails 

Invadhertz & LaMeduza - Nourishing Souls

DRS & LSB - Letting Go

Nu:Tone - The Moment

Goldbug - Whole Lotta Love

Makoto - Voyager 

Goddard - Pecking Order 

Following with our festival Hospital traditions, the final instalment of the Hospital Podcast is a video special from Lapland and beyond! Get set as London Elektricity takes sets off on a journey through your top 10 picks from the last 10 years, as well as 10 of his own!



Spor - Kingdom

Calibre - Even If

London Elektricity - Meteorites

Marcus Intalex - Celestial Navigation (feat. S.P.Y)

Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy

Technimatic & LSB - Rotary Motion

Nu:Logic - Everlasting Days

Etherwood - Weightless

Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound

Logistics - Wanderlust

Noisia - Incessant 

Riot Jazz Brass Band - Beautiful Lies 

DRS - The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley)

Hugh Hardie - Light It Up

Keeno - Is This The Way (feat. Abbie Rose)

Metrik - We Got It (feat. Rothwell) (S.P.Y Remix)

Seba - Time Will Tell

Degs - Poveglia 

Urbandawn - Come Together

Kings Of The Rollers - Guitar Track

To celebrate the release of their debut EP ‘Love & Other Drugs’ after their recent signing to Hospital Records, Russian D+B production powerhouse Bop x Subwave take over the 406th episode of the Hospital Podcast!

Buy or Stream 'Love & Other Drugs' here: bopxsubwave.lnk.to/LOD



Bop x Subwave - Don’t Wake Me

Workforce - Your Moves

Kimyan Law - Understory (feat. Elyn)

Hyroglifics & Fluidity - No More

Bop x Subwave - Take It Off

Makoto x Bop - The Encounter

High Contrast - Passion (Bop Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Space Warp

Structure - Petrichor

dBridge - So Lonely (Satl Remix)

Spirit - Interval Royalston - Hasselblad

Bop x Subwave - City Lights

Dub Phizix - White Flag

Submarine - No Sleep

Hugh Hardie feat. Silence Groove - Surveillance

Subwave - Minimal Love

Abstract Elements - Blurtnawt

Bop x Subwave - Teardrops

Lewis James - Worth The Pain ft. Alia Fresco

Bop x Subwave - The Touch

Stacked with brand new D+B from Hospital Records, Med School, Vision, UKF’s ‘UKF 10’ album and more,  join us as London Elektricity walks us through the latest new Bop x Subwave, Royalston, Lakeway, Logistics and plenty more for the 405th episode of the Hospital Podcast!



Lakeway "Highs & Lows"
Conrad Subs "Bonfire"
DLR, Ill Truth & Gusto "New Era"
Drumsound & Bassline Smith "Technique Soundboy (DJ Marky Remix)"
Royalston "Take The Flame (feat. Etherwood)"
Bop & Subwave "Teardrops"
Bop & Subwave "Space Warp"
Makoto "Kosa (feat. Keeno)"
Flight "Tragedy, Humanity"
Imanu "Nonplus"
Logistics "Rhythm Track"
Mat Zo "Games"
Untiled "Untitled"
London Elektricity "Swindle (Logistics Recut)"
Jack Boston feat. Vanity Jay "The Place"
Bop & Subwave "The Touch"


To celebrate the release of his boldest and most personal album to date, tune into the latest episode of the Hospital Podcast for a special listen around his 7th studio album ‘Building Better Worlds’ where Tony sheds some light on the inner workings and backstories of how each track was made.


London Elektricity “Don’t Give Up Now (feat. Bulgarian Goddess)”
London Elektricity “Funkopolis”
London Elektricity “Well That’s A Switch”
London Elektricity “Never Trust A Hippy”
London Elektricity “Empty Seat At The Table (feat. Whiney)”
London Elektricity “I Wish You Could See It Too (feat. Urbandawn)”
London Elektricity “Time To Think (feat. Inja & The Secretary-General)”
London Elektricity “She Slowly Caught Fire (feat. Bulgarian Goddess)”
London Elektricity “Kubrick’s View”
London Elektricity “Lonely Sirens (feat. Elsa Esmeralda)”
London Elektricity “The Prescription Is Love”
London Elektricity “Possible Worlds (feat. Inja)”
London Elektricity “Build A Better World (feat. Emer Dineen)”
London Elektricity “Final View From The Rooftops (feat. Cydnei B.)”

With the winter chill fast approaching, load up on the heaters in this weeks Hospital Podcast! With London Elektricity at the helm, episode 403 sees the addition of some of the latest D+B has to offer, including new music from  Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Bou, Technimatic and more!


Royalston & Pearse-Hawkins - Voodoo Love Dance
Bou - Envy
Untitled Dub
Kimyan Law - Lampion
S.I.N - Dupp Bass VIP
Artificial Intelligence - Savour
Andy Skopes - Where I’m From (feat. Mr Porter)
Technimatic - Long Way Down
Untitled Dub
Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Sidewinder
Untitled Dub
Muffler - Thousand Lakes
Redeyes - Yesterdays
Dkay & Kasra - Babylon
Dub Head - Jellyfish
Kimyan Law - Byo
Rido - On My Own (feat. Karin)

For the 402nd episode of the Hospital Podcast, get your ears around Whiney’s latest and final release on Med School as well as new music from Japanese D+B legend Makoto, the latest dancefloor smasher Metrik, and more from the finest D+B has to offer!



Whiney – Stop The Clock

Whiney – Breadcrumbs (feat. Bop)

Breakage – Wicked

Dub Phizix – Blossom

Culture Shock – Troglodyte VIP 

Makoto – Merchant Blessing (feat. Conrad)

Bukem – Atlantis

Metrik – Gravity

Untitled Dub

Interface – Truth Beyond 

London Elektricity – Will To Love

Klute – Centre Of The Crystal

Gridlok – Enemies Of The State

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Kallisto

Dub Phizix - Item

Live and direct from Shanghai, London Elektricity joins us from China for this instalment of the official Hospital Podcast! With new music from Logistics, Makoto and D-Bridge - keep it locked! 


Logistics - Waveforms
Makoto - The Encounter (feat. Bop)
Radiax Radiax - The Centre
Total Science & War - What Now
Logistics - Ancestors
Mutt - Conversations (feat. Kevin King) 
Makoto - Show Me How You Feel (feat. Lorna King)
Makoto - Transparent (feat. Whiney)
Structure - Petrichor
Radiax - Rudeboy
Sebadox - Over Now
Makoto - Kosa (feat. Keeno)
AC13 -  Big Batty
Makoto - Tokyo 96 (S.P.Y)
D-Bridge - Dolls

As we celebrate a staggering 400 episodes of Hospital Records Podcast, watch back as we set sail across the River Thames for a 2 hour special edition of D+B past, present and future.

London Elektricity is back in the studio and back for more carnage! Loads of brand new and exclusive dubs from both Hospital Records & Med School, and a sprinkle of promos from our brothers and sisters in the drum & bass scene.

London Elektricity - Build A Better World (feat. Emer Dineen)
Horace Andy - Skylarking (London Elektricity Remix)
Makoto - Morning Sunrise (feat. Danny Wheeler, G Force & Blu James
Reso - Coming Back To You
Noisia - The Hole (Pt.1)
XRS & DJ Marky - Real Good
Natus - Our God Reigns
Logistics - Rhythm Track
Muffler - Waves Breaking (Urbandawn VIP)
Calibre - Bleep
Danny Byrd - Planet Music
London Elektricity - Will To Love 
Fred V - Really Happy Aliens
Hugh Hardie - Evening Red
Bop & Subwave - Take It Off
Chase & Status - Program (feat. Irah)
London Elektricity - Final View From The Rooftops (feat. Cydnei B.)

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