For the 419th episode of the Hospital Podcast, London Elektricity takes you through some of the new tracks from Hugh Hardie’s unique '7 Tunes In 7 Days’ project and also the new single 'Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royal)' by Grafix! On top of all this expect to hear brand new drum + bass from the likes of Bungle, Voltage and more!




Particle - Business Techno

Mountain - Kyoto

Grand Unified - Music Makes Me Feel This Way

Grafix - Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royal)

Mefjus & Noisia - Foundations

Bungle - Moving Pages

Hugh Hardie - Day 1: Back & Forth

Calibre - When Sunday Goes

Hugh Hardie - Day 3: Klaxon

Lynch Kingsley - Distance Between Soundwaves

Dogger, Mindstate, Liam Bailey - Holding Back (feat. DRS)

Voltage - Space Station

Hugh Hardie - Day 2: Loose Leaf

Alpha Rhythm - Wardenfell (Demo Of The Week)

Voltage - Cold Air

Arcatype - Mind Loop

Jonny L - 1 n 2

Original Sin - Rewind

Tatora - Believe 


In Episode 418 London Elektricity selects fresh cuts from the incredible Camo & Krooked x Red Bull Symphonic Orchestra performance LP, tunes from the Med School: Graduation compilation, a killer track for the demo of the week by talent up & coming producer 'Leniz' and more covering the full spectrum of Drum & Bass!



Camo & Krooked - Move Around (feat. Ian Shaw) (Red Bull Symphonic)

Camo & Krooked - Turn Up The Music (Red Bull Symphonic)

Gardna - Good Time Not A Long Time (Watch The Ride Remix)

The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Drowning Without You (Fred V & Grafix Cover)

Villem - Stereogram

Chimpo - Nob Ed 

Bop - Magic.gif

Camo & Krooked - Climax (Red Bull Symphonic)

The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Puppy (Camo & Krooked Cover)

The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Just One Second (London Elektricity Cover)

Leniz - Can't Get Over You (Demo Of The Week)

Landslide - Tumbling 

Bop - Nothing Makes Any Sense (Blu Mar Ten Remix)

Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends (Circuits Remix)

Camo & Krooked- Set It Off (feat. Jeru The Damaja)

Camo & Krooked - Loa (Red Bull Symphonic)

The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Loving You Is Easy (Camo & Krooked Cover)

Cnof - Jazzy Delight 

Askel, Elere & Trisector - Last Days

Podcast 417 takes you on a rollercoaster ride of speed and styles as London Elektricity takes you through the beautiful adaptations from The Hospital Piano Music songbook, as well as serving up some freshly cooked heat from the D+B community.


The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Morning Light (Nu:Logic cover)
T>I - Curtains
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Nightingale (Hugh Hardie cover)
Halogenix - Independent
Nelver - North Station
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Beautiful Lies (B-Complex cover)
Kings Of The Rollers - XXX
Dogger - Too Long
Nelver - Start Key
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Nocturne (Keeno cover)
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Northen Lights (Metrik cover)
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - What The Future Holds (S.P.Y cover)
The Hospital Pianist (Marzia Hudajarova) - Begin By Letting Go (Etherwood cover)
Dogger, Mindstate & Liam Bailey - The Time Is Yours
AC13 - Atlas (feat. King DeepField)
Zero T - Jazz Tone
Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends (Circuits Remix)
Kings Of The Rollers - Solar Heat
Screamarts - Mischievous (DEMO)
Kings Of The Rollers - Somebody Else (feat. Lydia Plain)

Following the release of the ‘Med School: Graduation’ Compilation last week, London Elektricity takes you through a generous serving of tracks from the LP making episode 416 a graduation special! Topped off with new music from Kings Of The Rollers, taken from ‘The Main Event’ EP out this Friday on Hospital Records!


Track list:


Kings Of The Rollers - Somebody Else (feat. Lydia Plain)

Etherwood - Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

Phase - Ringer

Calibre - Be Beautiful 

Constrict - Refreshers

Keeno - Lost For Words (feat. Walk:r & Natalie Wood)

Nu:Tone - Hyper Hyper

London Elektricity - Dub My Dreams

Dr Meaker - Birds Flying High 

Bop & Unquote - Drifting Away 

Synkro - Drieway 

Chimpo - Oh Your Goodness

Kimya Law - Kaleido

Little Mountain - Little Mountain (Akirpap Pacific Rim remix)

Easy & Geeks - Shoreless

A.Fruit - Bike Paths

Lung - Stop Crying

Miss Redflower - Conundrum

Facing Jinx - Rest Assured (feat. Lavahi)

Illexxandra - Emergency Medical Hologram

Whytwo - Armour 

With the release of the Med School: Graduation compilation this Friday, London Elektricity dishes out a generous serving of tracks from the album alongside both old and new D+B classics, not forgetting to mention the demo of the week! Podcast 415 is here, get locked in…



Urbandawn - Together Again (I Pray)

Villem - Stereogram

Bop - Magic

Polaris - Computer Music

Beck Hill feat. Shift K3Y - Better Off Without You (High Contrast Remix)

Frederic Robinson - Skip

S.P.Y - Black Flag VIP

Natus - Kind Words

Muffler - Pinball Fantasies (Remix)

AC13 - Techniquest

Unknown - Dubplate

Skitz & Julie Dexter - Be

Lakeway - Massive

Kudo Blue - Are You With Me (DJ Zinc Remix)

Marcus Intalex & ST.Files - Universe (2020 Remaster)

Whiney - Close To You

Askel, Elere & Trisector - Last Days

Sigma - Paint It Black

Cyantific - Falling

Tyke & Prestige - Mercury (feat. Daddy Earl)

It's podcast 414! In this episode London Elektricity focuses on Unglued's new 'Zen' EP. Playing the silky smooth sounds of ‘Zen', the bouncy funk of ‘Mic Strangler’, the sharp-edged grizzle of ‘Algorithm’, and the tearout heat from ‘Datafile’. Also featuring new tracks by Annix, Lenzman and more!



Track list:


Liane Carroll - The Trap 

Unglued - Mic Strangler (feat. MC GQ)

Bensley - Secrets feat. Sarah Carmosino (Flight Remix)

Jimmy - Missing

Unglued - Datafile

Electric Hive - Misery

Annix - Behind Time

Unglued - Zen (feat. Cimone)

London Elektricity - Wishing Well

Aperiod - Devotion (feat. Jorgie)

Lenzman - In My Mind - (feat. IAMDDB) (Break remix)

Sonic - All I Wanna Do

Unglued & GLXY - Algorithm 

Muffler - Slave Labour

It's that time of week again! London Elektricity is back for the 413th episode of the Hospital Podcast! In this weeks mix, expect to hear more new music from Deg's debut LP 'Letters From Ndegwa' Also the brand new track 'I See The Future In Your Eyes' from the legend that is Netsky!



Degs - Trade Places (feat. LSB & Phoebe)

Degs - Colour My Soul (feat. Logistics)

Netsky - I See The Future In My Eyes

Askel - Through 

Calibre - Pillow Dub

Degs - 4 Days

Winslow - Swing and Miss

Camo & Krooked - Turn Up (The Music)

London Elektricity - Electric D-Funk

Degs - Driving Under Lights 

Degs - Pamoja Forever

BCee - X-Type

Calibre - Sense Soire 

Calibre - The Goat

Degs - Crusade (feat. In:Most)

Askel - Sumu 

Lakeway - Moan 

Netsky - Memory Lane

Back once again for another Hospital Podcast with episode 412. In this weeks show, London Elektricity plays us new tracks from Deg's debut LP 'Letters From Ndegwa' and also includes new tunes from the likes of Rockwell, BCee & Blu Mar Ten, T>I and Levela!




Louis Cole - Night

Synkro - Departure

MC Mello vs London Elektricity - Melloizdaman

Rockwell - Drill

Conflate & Kickback - We Roll 

Helios - First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix)

BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Grow (feat. Charlotte Haining)

Seba & Paradox - Come Again

Degs - The Roots (feat. Missing)

Degs - Sleepless (feat. Polar & Bryson)

Degs - She (feat. S.P.Y)

BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Perfect World

Shapeshifter - Break Me Down (The Upbeats Remix)

Maduk - Company (feat. Juul)

Levela - Axium

T>I - Oxymoron

John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked remix)

London Elektricity keeps us all entertained during these unprecedented times with the Hospital Podcast 411! Featuring a fresh haul of Drum & Bass music from artists such as Unglued, Changing Faces, Need For Mirrors, Calyx & Teebee, Bop and more!



Think Tonk - What A Ting (L-Side Remix)

Need For Mirrors - Thugga

HomeSick - Inna Dis VIP

Kumo - Top Boy

Kanye West - Water (Netsky Remix)

Calyx & Teebee - Jealousy 

HOST - Continuum

A Sides - Conscious Dub

Heist - Cloak

London Elektricity - Harlesden

Unglued - Mic Strangler (feat. MC GQ)

Bop - Fragile Moments 

Mollie Collins - Mad World (feat. Leah Guest)

A Sides - Arctic (feat. MC Fats)

Changing Faces - Collide (feat. Lottie Woo)

Joris Voorn - Messiah (J Majik Remix)

Stacked with brand new D+B from Hospital Records, London Elektricity takes you through the 410th episode of the Hospital Podcast with new music from the likes of Fred V, Grafix, Bop & Subwave, Keeno, Logistics and more!




Fred V - Away (feat. Vonnè)

Grafix - Stutter

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (TC Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Teardrops

Logistics - Rebuild

Logistics + Thomas Oliver - Stay True 

Keeno - Troopers Peak

The Vanguard Project - Blacklist (Bop Remix)

Logistics - Brand New Beginning (feat. Inja)

Bop x Subwave - Spacewarp

Elon Musk - Don't Doubt Ur Vibe (Netsky Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Don't Wake Me Up

Fred V Wobbleboard

Keeno - Old School Lane

In:Most - Embers (feat. Walk:r & Carasel)

Particle - Eskimode (feat. Redders)

Degs - Headtrip (feat. Phil:osophy)

Walk:r - Glow (feat. Sydney)

Flava D - Mesmerise

Data 3 - Photon

Seba - Close To You

Simplification & L-Side - Protection (feat. DRS)

Fred V - Shadow (feat. Chelsea Watts)

Bop x Subwave - The Touch 




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