Following the release of his Bubblers Part Two EP, Whiney takes over the 429th episode of the Hospital Podcast for a Bubblers Special!  




Whiney - Roll Out ft. Parly B  [Hospital]
Whiney - Amulet  [Med School]
Monroe - Out of Time ft. Zara Kershaw  [Shogun]
Whiney - Flashlight VIP ft. Inja  [dub]
Second City - I Enter (Adzzy Bootleg)  [Free]
Break & GQ - Whispers In My Ear VIP  [Symmetry]
Ocean Wizdom & Dizzee Rascal - Revvin' (Whiney Bootleg)  [dub]
Whiney - Deep End ft. Ben Verse  [Hospital]
Gray - Rubadub  [Born On Road]
ID - ID  [dub]
Diemantle - Shellaz  [Charity release]
Whiney - Guernsey Airport Bubbler ft. GQ  [Hospital]
Commix - Be True (Data 3 Bootleg)  [dub]
Whiney - Doin' It For Time ft. Kwam  [Med School]
Whiney - Caught Up   [Hospital]
L-Side & GQ - Zaga Dan  [V]
Etherwood - Souvenirs VIP  [dub]
T95 - Break The Ice ft. Duskee  [Onyx]
Degs - Sleepless ft. Pola & Bryson (Bladerunner Remix)   [Hospital]
Gray - 24 Karat  [dub]
R'88 - Time 4 Da Switch  [Mac 2]
Unglued - Pigeon Funk   [Hospital]
Myth - One Note Funk  [North Quarter]
Diemantle - Wait For The Drop  [dub]
Myth - 3rd Time Lucky  [North Quarter]
Koffee - Toast (Clipz Remix)  [Free]
Diemantle & Randall - Skeematics  [Gutterfunk]
Whiney - Old Flame   [Hospital] 

London Elektricity guides us through Danny Byrds magnum opus 'Rave Digger' as we celebrate its 10th year anniversary in this podcast special! 




Danny Byrd - Rave TV Part 1

Danny Byrd - Hot Fuzz

Danny Byrd - Discovery 

Danny Byrd - Planet Earch

Danny Byrd - Judgement Day

Danny Byrd - Red Mist (VIP)

Danny Byrd - Wait For Me 

Danny Byrd - We Can have It All (Sigma remix)

Danny Byrd - ill Behaviour

Danny Byrd - Quantum Leap

Danny Byrd - Rave TV Part 2

Danny Byrd & London Elektricity - Failsafe

Danny Byrd - Tonight

Danny Byrd - Moonwalker

Danny Byrd - Amen Alley 

Danny Byrd - Tonight (MJ Cole Remix)

It's episode 428 of the Hospital Podcast! London Elektricity takes us on a journey across all styles of drum & bass with new music from the likes of Degs, Voltage, Grafix, DJ Zinc, Carlito & Addiction and more!




Degs - Sleepless (feat. Pola & Bryson) (Bladerunner Version)

Voltage - Automatic 

Voltage - Life Of A DJ (feat. Demolition Man) (Rockers Mix)

Degs - Colour My Soul (Winslow Version)

Degs - Colour My Soul (Kikuyu Soul Version)

Voltage - Consciousness 

The Sauce - 3 Dots (feat. Jakes)

Villem & Hadley - Invisible (feat. Riya & Collete Warren)

Fields - Jubby

KaramsynK - Revive (Demo Of The Week)

London Elektricity - D-Funk

DJ Zinc - Baby It's You

Voltage - Natty Love (feat. Sweetie Irie) 

Carlito & Addiction - As I Am

Dogger & Mindstate - No More Mosh Pits (Bon Jovi) feat. SP:MC

Voltage - Pyramidz

Grafix - Onyx (feat. Chrissie Huntely)

Mountain - Back To The Future

Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go (Isolation Jam)

Etherwood - Afterglow (Isolation Jam)

Etherwood - Souvenirs (Isolation Jam)

Gella - We Have Contact

Degs - Head Trip (feat. Philosophy, Karina Ramage T.R.A.C) 

Degs - The Roots (AC13 Version)

Netsky - Mellow 



London Elektricity is back with another heavy hitting podcast for episode 427! Tune in for fresh new drum & bass music from Voltage, DRS & Dynamite & more!



Voltage - Life Of A DJ (feat. Demolition Man)

Voltage - Outta Orda

DRS & Dynamite - Burn (feat. Nu:Tone & Terri Walker)

Voltage - Journey To Outer Space

Voltage - Save Me From Myself

Voltage - Odyssey (feat. Evil B)

Houndstooth - Good Time

DRS & Dynamite - Tectonic Plates (feat. DieMantle)

Voltage - Keep On Dancing

Dephzac - Northern Light

Danny Byrd - Failsafe (feat. London Elektricity)

Ruckspin - Porcelain (feat. Ruth Royall)

London Elektricity - Round The Corner

DRS & Dynamite - A Song For You (feat. DJ Marky)

DRS & Dynamite - Gullyman Skank (feat. Chimpo)

Voltage - Endless Dreaming (feat. The Bulgarian Goddess)

DRS & Dynamite - Not The Fake Ones (feat. Roni Size)

DRS & Dynamite - Still Beautiful (feat. Keeno & Obsel)

AC13 - Tell No Soul (feat. King DeepField)

Voltage - Moonshine

Welcome to the long-awaited second edition of ‘Speech Therapy’! London Elektricity sits down with our Webshop Manager David Lopez to chat about his role at Hospital and his life story to date!

Tony Colman aka London Elek Gives us a banging walkthrough the new album by Dymanite and DRS, and new EPs from Unglued and Flava D!

Also featuring is the tracks we release 20 years ago by Landslide and the tune we released 10 years ago by Danny Byrd, topped off by a great demo of the week by Screamarts. 

Enjoy the sunshine this week!




DRS and Dynamite - Two Mics (ft Missing)

DRS and Dynamite - Adoration (ft LSB)

Landslide - Fortuna (20 yrs ago)

Screamarts - Time (demo of the week)

Flava D - Horizon

Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour (10 yrs ago)

DRS and Dynamite - Highrise (ft Calibre)

DRS and Dynamite - Get Down (ft Zinc)

Netsky - Mixed Emotions (ft Montell2099)

Flava D - What You Mean 2 Me

DRS and Dynamite - Brothers (Ft Unglued)

Flava D - Desert Lights

Unglued - Pigeon Funk

Unglued - Got To Have

DRS and Dynamite - Joint Venture (ft Calibre)

DRS and Dynamite - Fix It All (ft London Elektricity)

DRS and Dynamite - Do You Ever (ft Etherwood)

Unglued - War Dance (ft Whiney + Truthos Mufasa)

DRS and Dynamite - Back and Forth (ft S.P.Y)

DRS and Dynamite - Playing In The Dark (ft The Vanguard Project)

In this weeks episode of the Hospital Podcast, Grafix takes the hot seat for a high octane takeover! Expect fresh drum & bass music from the likes of Metrik, Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Krakota, Levela, Millbrook and many more!


Tracklist :


Metrik & Grafix - Parallel
Lexurus - Crystallize
Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Air I Breathe
Grafix - Distressed
Metrik - Ex Machina
Able - Lacura
Phentix - Weird Science
Krakota - Pull Me In (feat. Karina Ramage)
Maztra - Up
Levela & Particle - Reap What You Sow (feat. Jakes)
Drumcatcher - Feel it
Grafix - Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royall)
Metrik & Shockone - Dying Light
A K A - Extracted
Kusp - Tu Amor
GLXY - Falling
Millbrook - Broken Love
Sub Focus - Up (Break The Cycle Edit)
Culture Shock - Visions
Grafix - Radiance
Kove - Power
Circumference - Midsommar
Droptek - Time Travel
T95 & DRS - On Site
Freshney - Falling (Fading)

It's podcast 424 and London Elektricity treats us all with a 2 hour long special! Expect to hear more tracks from the recent Hospitality House Party Compilation and fresh new music from the likes of Unglued, Shy FX, Bungle, High Contrast, BrandNewTrumpets & many more!




London Elektricity - Someone Once Gave Me A Melody (feat. The Bulgarian Goddess)

Elsewhere - Procession 

Makoto - Think (feat. Karina Ramage)

Urbandawn - Carnival Blues

OaT - Swift Conclusion 

Dimension - Hatred

Abstract Elements - Universe Of Emptiness 

Villem - If We Had A Song (feat. Leo Wood)

Loxy & Resound - New Age

Unglued - Total XTC

Nu:Tone - Piece Of You (Refix)

Impish - White Pony

Exile - Salvation (feat. MC Spyda)

Exile - Religion Of Funk

Electrosoul System & Liquitek - Rain

Philip George & Salena Mastroianni - Same Love (Brookes Brothers Extended Remix)

New Zealand Shapeshifter - Lifetime (Logistics Remix)

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Taking over Me 

Nelver - Ocean Of Rain 

45 Roller & Shy FX - Rain

Capturelight - Circles

BrandNewTrumpets - Our Ancestors Dream

Bungle - Runaway 

Calibre & DRS - Living For

High Contrast - Time Is Hardcore

45 Roller & Shy FX - Outrun

OaT - The Bay

Redeyes - A Thousand Times (feat. K S R)

Talkre - Tannhauser Gate

Calibre - End Of Meaning

Teej - Firefly

Jaga Jazzist - Tomita



It's that time of week again! London Elektricity is back for the 423rd episode of the Hospital Podcast! In this weeks mix, expect to hear more new music from the likes of Bop x Subwave, Etherwood, Mitekiss, Degs and many other fresh tracks taken from our Hospitality House Party compilation out this Friday!





Polaris - Eternal Conflict

Bop x Subwave - Escape From U

Etherwood - Isolation Jam

Dilemma - Exit Stage Left

Siege - Plastic People 

BCee & Charlotte Haining - Almost There

BCee & Charlotte Haining - History

Mitekiss - Tonic

Think Tonk - Mus' Be Mad

Danny Byrd - Do It Again

Askel - Saboteur

Missing - Junglist Nation 

Dr Meaker - These Sounds (refix)

Makoto - Think (feat. MC LowQui)

Etherwood - Light My Way Home (Isolation Jam)

Impish - White Pony

Ruckspin - As She Passes By (feat. J Appiah)

Camo & Krooked - Climax

Bop x Subwave - Higher Dimension

Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go (Isolation Jam)

Etherwood - We're Nothing Without Love (Isolation Jam)

Hugh Hardie x Mitekiss - Elska

Bop x Subwave - Lo Fi Romance

Dr Meaker - House Is A Feeling (refix)

Degs - Pressure Cooker (feat. Logistics)

Mitekiss - Charter

Krakota - To The Top (feat. Siege MC)

Dr Meaker - Discos Revenge (refix)

Blacklab - Columbia

Etherwood - Afterglow (Isolation Jam)

We're back with another edition of the Hospital Records podcast for episode 422! With the release of our summer compilation looming around the corner, London Elektricity dives in head first and doesn't hold back in playing us fresh tunes from the album. Expect heavy hitters from the likes of Kings Of The Rollers, S.P.Y, The Vanguard Project, Fred V and many more! 




Villem - Roots Booty

The Vanguard Project - Burning Up

Culture Shock - Visions 

Serum - Speedball

Voltage - The Prophet

Kings Of The Rollers - Saturn's Strings

Whiney - November

Metrik - Parallel (feat. Grafix)

Fred V - Hands Of Time (feat. Alex Frankl)

S.P.Y - Come Back To Me

Need For Mirrors - Adults Only

Winslow - Snap Out Of It

Euphonique - Don't Need Nobody 

Metrik - Requiem 

Need For Mirrors - Fumes 

Calibre - When Sunday Goes

Askel & Elere - Shy

Impish + Meta - Keep Warm

London Elektricity - Someone Once Gave Me A Melody

Whiney - Black Ice

Whiney - No Good

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