It's that time of week again! London Elektricity is back for the 413th episode of the Hospital Podcast! In this weeks mix, expect to hear more new music from Deg's debut LP 'Letters From Ndegwa' Also the brand new track 'I See The Future In Your Eyes' from the legend that is Netsky!



Degs - Trade Places (feat. LSB & Phoebe)

Degs - Colour My Soul (feat. Logistics)

Netsky - I See The Future In My Eyes

Askel - Through 

Calibre - Pillow Dub

Degs - 4 Days

Winslow - Swing and Miss

Camo & Krooked - Turn Up (The Music)

London Elektricity - Electric D-Funk

Degs - Driving Under Lights 

Degs - Pamoja Forever

BCee - X-Type

Calibre - Sense Soire 

Calibre - The Goat

Degs - Crusade (feat. In:Most)

Askel - Sumu 

Lakeway - Moan 

Netsky - Memory Lane

Back once again for another Hospital Podcast with episode 412. In this weeks show, London Elektricity plays us new tracks from Deg's debut LP 'Letters From Ndegwa' and also includes new tunes from the likes of Rockwell, BCee & Blu Mar Ten, T>I and Levela!




Louis Cole - Night

Synkro - Departure

MC Mello vs London Elektricity - Melloizdaman

Rockwell - Drill

Conflate & Kickback - We Roll 

Helios - First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix)

BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Grow (feat. Charlotte Haining)

Seba & Paradox - Come Again

Degs - The Roots (feat. Missing)

Degs - Sleepless (feat. Polar & Bryson)

Degs - She (feat. S.P.Y)

BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Perfect World

Shapeshifter - Break Me Down (The Upbeats Remix)

Maduk - Company (feat. Juul)

Levela - Axium

T>I - Oxymoron

John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked remix)

London Elektricity keeps us all entertained during these unprecedented times with the Hospital Podcast 411! Featuring a fresh haul of Drum & Bass music from artists such as Unglued, Changing Faces, Need For Mirrors, Calyx & Teebee, Bop and more!



Think Tonk - What A Ting (L-Side Remix)

Need For Mirrors - Thugga

HomeSick - Inna Dis VIP

Kumo - Top Boy

Kanye West - Water (Netsky Remix)

Calyx & Teebee - Jealousy 

HOST - Continuum

A Sides - Conscious Dub

Heist - Cloak

London Elektricity - Harlesden

Unglued - Mic Strangler (feat. MC GQ)

Bop - Fragile Moments 

Mollie Collins - Mad World (feat. Leah Guest)

A Sides - Arctic (feat. MC Fats)

Changing Faces - Collide (feat. Lottie Woo)

Joris Voorn - Messiah (J Majik Remix)

Stacked with brand new D+B from Hospital Records, London Elektricity takes you through the 410th episode of the Hospital Podcast with new music from the likes of Fred V, Grafix, Bop & Subwave, Keeno, Logistics and more!




Fred V - Away (feat. Vonnè)

Grafix - Stutter

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (TC Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Teardrops

Logistics - Rebuild

Logistics + Thomas Oliver - Stay True 

Keeno - Troopers Peak

The Vanguard Project - Blacklist (Bop Remix)

Logistics - Brand New Beginning (feat. Inja)

Bop x Subwave - Spacewarp

Elon Musk - Don't Doubt Ur Vibe (Netsky Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Don't Wake Me Up

Fred V Wobbleboard

Keeno - Old School Lane

In:Most - Embers (feat. Walk:r & Carasel)

Particle - Eskimode (feat. Redders)

Degs - Headtrip (feat. Phil:osophy)

Walk:r - Glow (feat. Sydney)

Flava D - Mesmerise

Data 3 - Photon

Seba - Close To You

Simplification & L-Side - Protection (feat. DRS)

Fred V - Shadow (feat. Chelsea Watts)

Bop x Subwave - The Touch 




For this weeks podcast, we take a peek into the submissions that you’ve sent in to the demo inbox and select some of our favourites for a Hospital Democast! Hosted by A+R manager Tilo and Promotions assistant Matt to give Tony a well deserved week off! Keep your ears peel, these may be the stars of the future…


Blacklab - The Vow
Matt View & Marvel Cinema - Parachute
Screamarts x Halflow - Memories
Maldow - Waste It
Laminar - Tessellate
Duoscience - SpaceX
Danny Wav - The Geefer
Low:r - The Journey
Brainwork & Leniz - Erlebnisse
Danger - Rise Up
Charla Green - The Mirror Method
Conrad Subs - Time Frame
Euphonique - Keep It Coming
Conrad Subs - Trance
Alcemist - Blind
Stay-C - Revival
Jonny Faith - Open My Eyes

Welcome to the 409th edition of the Hospital Records Podcast! With our massive yearly compilation ‘Sick Music 2020’ officially out there in all it’s glory, lock in as London Elektricity takes you through some of the new tracks from latest signing DRS & Dynamite’s debut track ‘Fix It All’, Etherwood, S.P.Y, Fred V, Grafix, Inja, Ink & Loxy and more from the world of D+B!



DRS & Dynamite - Fix It All (feat. London Elektricity)

Polaris - Distant


Etherwood - America Fruity

Fred V - Sad Jungle

Missing - Original 90s

S.P.Y - Step & Flow VIP

Terror - Twilight (feat. Jakes)

Grafix - Blue Dreams

Logistics - Sleeper Dub

QZB - City On Lock (feat. Rider Shafique)

Partical - Air Force

BCee - Sincerely Yours (feat. Leo Wood) (Whiney Remix)

Loxy & Ink - The Herald

Radiax - Tech Trick

Inja - Sanctuary

Physics, Emery & Dreazz - Good Groove

Walkr - Shadow City

MC Bassman - Power To Kill (Serum & Voltage)



With ‘Sick Music 2020’ on the horizon, tune in as London Elektricity dives into our latest compilation with new tracks from Keeno, Unglued Whiney, Bop x Subwave, Kanine and Serum, along with new freshness and current bangers from the likes of Enei, Greycode, Calyx & Teebee, Sigma and more!



Keeno - I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison)

Bop x Subwave - Dead Almost

Think Tonk - Falling For Yooo

Nympho & Arkaik - Curry

Mountain - Rust

Roberto Surace - Joys (Unglued Remix)

Grey Code - Archangel

Enei - Sinking

Kanine - Snake Eyes

Untrue - Utopia

Walk:r - Oscillate

Serum - Earth Rot (Original Sin Remix)

nClear - Eastern Trip

Whiney - Hallowed

Calyx & Teebe - Big Sound

Temam - The Sin

Sigma - Sell My Soul feat. Maverick Sabre (Kings Of The Rollers remix)

Tolima Jets - Clams

Welcome to the first Hospital Records podcast of 2020! Starting off strong, join us as London Elektricity whips through fresh new drum and bass, including tracks from Kings Of The Rollers, S.P.Y, Nu:Tone and the forthcoming ‘Sick Music 2020’ compilation! 



Kings Of The Rollers - You Got Me (S.P.Y Remix)

Mitekiss - Something Real (feat. Ruth Corey)

Dutta & Marky - Waffles

BrandNewTrumpets - FM Frequencies 

Dawn Wall - Take Controll

Enei - Ghost Boat

Posij - No Cats

Jesse Fancis - Call Last Night (Natus Remix)

Optiv & CZA - In Too Deep

Optiv & CZA - Cabin Fever

Urbandawn - Egregor

Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued)

DJ Hazard - Far Fetched

Dr Meaker - Fighter (feat. Lorna King) (S.P.Y Remix)

Seba - Lose Control (Technimatic Remix)

London Elektricity - Vapor Trails 

Invadhertz & LaMeduza - Nourishing Souls

DRS & LSB - Letting Go

Nu:Tone - The Moment

Goldbug - Whole Lotta Love

Makoto - Voyager 

Goddard - Pecking Order 

Following with our festival Hospital traditions, the final instalment of the Hospital Podcast is a video special from Lapland and beyond! Get set as London Elektricity takes sets off on a journey through your top 10 picks from the last 10 years, as well as 10 of his own!



Spor - Kingdom

Calibre - Even If

London Elektricity - Meteorites

Marcus Intalex - Celestial Navigation (feat. S.P.Y)

Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy

Technimatic & LSB - Rotary Motion

Nu:Logic - Everlasting Days

Etherwood - Weightless

Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound

Logistics - Wanderlust

Noisia - Incessant 

Riot Jazz Brass Band - Beautiful Lies 

DRS - The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley)

Hugh Hardie - Light It Up

Keeno - Is This The Way (feat. Abbie Rose)

Metrik - We Got It (feat. Rothwell) (S.P.Y Remix)

Seba - Time Will Tell

Degs - Poveglia 

Urbandawn - Come Together

Kings Of The Rollers - Guitar Track

To celebrate the release of their debut EP ‘Love & Other Drugs’ after their recent signing to Hospital Records, Russian D+B production powerhouse Bop x Subwave take over the 406th episode of the Hospital Podcast!

Buy or Stream 'Love & Other Drugs' here:



Bop x Subwave - Don’t Wake Me

Workforce - Your Moves

Kimyan Law - Understory (feat. Elyn)

Hyroglifics & Fluidity - No More

Bop x Subwave - Take It Off

Makoto x Bop - The Encounter

High Contrast - Passion (Bop Bootleg)

Bop x Subwave - Space Warp

Structure - Petrichor

dBridge - So Lonely (Satl Remix)

Spirit - Interval Royalston - Hasselblad

Bop x Subwave - City Lights

Dub Phizix - White Flag

Submarine - No Sleep

Hugh Hardie feat. Silence Groove - Surveillance

Subwave - Minimal Love

Abstract Elements - Blurtnawt

Bop x Subwave - Teardrops

Lewis James - Worth The Pain ft. Alia Fresco

Bop x Subwave - The Touch

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