March 4, 2020

Hospital Democast (March 2020)

For this weeks podcast, we take a peek into the submissions that you’ve sent in to the demo inbox and select some of our favourites for a Hospital Democast! Hosted by A+R manager Tilo and Promotions assistant Matt to give Tony a well deserved week off! Keep your ears peel, these may be the stars of the future…


Blacklab - The Vow
Matt View & Marvel Cinema - Parachute
Screamarts x Halflow - Memories
Maldow - Waste It
Laminar - Tessellate
Duoscience - SpaceX
Danny Wav - The Geefer
Low:r - The Journey
Brainwork & Leniz - Erlebnisse
Danger - Rise Up
Charla Green - The Mirror Method
Conrad Subs - Time Frame
Euphonique - Keep It Coming
Conrad Subs - Trance
Alcemist - Blind
Stay-C - Revival
Jonny Faith - Open My Eyes

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