London Elektricity makes his return to the Hospital Podcast for episode 450! Expect to hear fresh drum & bass music from his forthcoming ‘Rebuilding Better Worlds’ remix LP, Flava D, Zero T, Think Tonk and more!





London Elektricity - She Slowly Caught Fire (feat. Bulgarian Goddess) (Winslow Remix)

London Elektricity - Funkopolis (Mozey Remix)

London Elektricity - Lonely Sirens (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) (London Elektricity VIP)

London Elektricity - Final View From The Rooftops (feat. Cydnei B.) (Justin Hawkes Remix)

London Elektricity - The Prescription Is Love (CLIQUES. Remix)

Zero T - Come & Reprazent

Etherwood - Caliban 

London Elektricity - I Wish You Could See It Too (feat. Urbandawn) (Lilac Remix)

Think Tonk - Gritteh

DJ Hazard - Butter

Flava D - Snakebite

Zero T - Drama

London Elektricity - Well That’s A Switch (Polaris Remix)

Biyi - Lately (Villem Remix)

London Elektricity - Funkopolis (Seba Remix)

John Tejada - Arise & Run

London Elektricity - Never Trust A Hippy (Logistics Remix)

Danny Byrd & D Double E - Selecta (Extended Mix)

London Elektricity - Time To Think (feat. Inja & The Secretary-General) (Think Tonk Remix)



Makoto takes control of this week's Hospital Podcast episode 449! Expect to hear brand new Drum & Bass music from his latest EP 'What You Need' aswell as music from Pola & Bryson, Bop, Nectax, DJ Marky and more! 




Zero T - You’re The One 
Makoto - What You Need feat. Vonné 
Pola & Bryson - Get Serious 
LTJ Bukem - Flip The Narrative 
Makoto - Merchant Blessing feat.MC Conrad (DJ Marky Remix) 
Alex Parez - Moving On feat. Liam Bailey (Break Remix) 
Technimatic - Makes Me 
Bop - Surfing The Anxiety Waves 
Nectax - Gold Soul 
Makoto - Osiris feat. Danny Wheeler 
Makoto - Freedom Reality feat. Missing 
Con Natural - Lean Upwards (Makoto Remix) 
Makoto - Run It Back To Me feat. KSR 
Satl - Beautiful Struggle feat. DRS 
DJ Marky - Love Will Find Its Way 
Pola & Bryson - Vetur feat. Hugh Hardie 
4 hero - Universal Love 

We’re back with another instalment of the Hospital Podcast! Following his recent debut solo LP ‘Radiate’, Fred V takes the controls this week for episode 448. Expect to hear brand new drum & bass music from the likes of himself, Flava D, Etherwood, and many more!




Fred V - Gezellig
MyKool & Lost Child - Self Made
Flava D - Snake Bite
Myth - Junkyard
RNZO - Ill Flows
Krakota - Be The Reason
Ruth Royal X Makoto - New Love
Shapeshifter - Lightspeed
Etherwood - Nebula (feat. Fred V)
Lexurus - Magnify - Justin Hawkes Remix
What So Not Feat. DMAs - The Change - Ekko & Sidetrack Remix
London Elektriciy - Funkopolis - Mozey Remix
Grafix X Degs - Empty Bottles
Bicep - Glue - Need For Mirrors and Changer bootleg
Coastal - Losing Trust
Fred V - Morning Eclipse - Feat. Vio.let
Fred V - Program and Control
Etherwood - They're Here
Somatic - Ready - Feat. Ruth Royal
Mitekiss - Grief In Puddles
Apex - The Yearning VIP
Marky And Bungle - 25th Floor VIP

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the honor and the pleasure to introduce you to Inja, who is taking over the 447th Hospital Podcast! Following on from his recent Smile & Wave LP, expect to hear music from the man himself, Whiney, and many more! 

It's the Hospital Podcast #446! In this episode, we have a special guest takeover from Charlie Tee! Expect to hear nothing but fresh D&B music from the likes of Fred V, Metrik & Grafix, Etherwood & many more. 



Unglued - H to the A to the R to the D to the C to the O to the R to the E
Busta Rhymes, Stylo G - Outta Space (Clipz Remix)
Ben Snow - Ekstac 
Q Project - Computer Love (Kessler Remix)
Zeitgeist ft Nia Archives - Move On 
Fred V & Millbrook - Poison 
Sonic - Piano Anthem (S.P.Y. Remix)
Unglued ft Esther Durin - Way Back When 
AC13 - Akimbo 
King Tubby & The Observer All Stars - Dubbing with the Allstars (Filip Motovunski Remix)
Royalston & Pearse-Hawkins - Voodoo Love Dance 
Stay-C - Russian doll
Nia Archives - Headz Gone West 
Metrik & Grafix - Overdrive 
René LaVice ft Ayah Marah - Good Life 
Sub Focus - Timewarp (Dimension Remix)
DJ Phantasy X Doktor - Junglist (Kara Remix)
Flava D ft DRS & Paige Eliza - All We Ever Do 
Fred V - Glockenspiel Riddim 
Etherwood ft Zara Kershaw - Lighthouse

In podcast #445 Hospital records proudly welcomes St. Louis, Missouri based producer to the Hospital family. Head honcho Chris Goss in on host duties as he chats to Winslow about his life in the US and all things drum and bass.




Winslow - Everything and More (feat. Pete Simpson)
Winslow - Mumbles of Grace
Winslow - A Man & His Kettle
Winslow - Lost in The Black Lodge
Winslow - The Awesome Express
Nu:tone - Tides (Winslow remix)

In episode #444 multi-talented heat supplier & Hospital WID&B mentee Stay-C is flying the flag for the South African drum & bass family. She’ll be sharing her favourite fresh releases including new music from Unglued, KOTR, Winslow and Inja. 

Make sure to check out her latest release on Hospital ‘Russian Doll’


Tracklist - 


Hustlin' - Lally & Aaliyah Esprit

Afterthought (feat. Frank Carter III) - Ivy Lab

Fallen Leaves - Bredren

ID Stay-C

The Connection (feat. NuTone  Charli Brix) - Degs

Transcend - KySuné

Sticks - Foreign Concept x Enei x Magugu

First Contact - Krispy

Stone Cold - Nymfo

Smile & Wave - Inja

Xaro - Dopplershift

Blind Mosaics - Klinical

Void - Kage

See Your Face Again (KOTR Remix) - S.P.Y

Chimera - Kyrist

Like The Sun - Disrupta

Everything & More (feat. Pete Simpson) - Winslow

Ichnusa - Unglued

With Me Now - Crusty

Embers (Cauzer Remix) - In:Most

Strata Stay-C

You Want - Sol Pillars

Blank Pages - Alix Perez

Aw Yeah - Finnadrift

Russian Doll - Stay-C

Preference - Sub Mortal

Untitled Malware - Alix Perez &  Monty

No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger) - Camo & Krooked & Mefjus

June 17, 2021


Hospital Records presents the Crikeycast!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his fifth studio album in style, London Elektricity has revisited his seminal ‘Yikes!’ project with a fresh 2021 approach. In episode #443 He breaks down each track from his revised Crikey! album with extensive soundbytes from vocalist Elsa who appears on six of the original album tracks.


London Elektricity - The plan that cannot fail (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Flesh Music (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Round The World In A Day (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Yikes! (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Invisible Worlds (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (Lawrence Whitehead Version)
London Elektricity - Bells In My Head (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Had A Little Fight (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity- Meteorites (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Love The Silence (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
London Elektricity - Fault Lines (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)

Following the release of his latest two-track single ‘I Will Wave To You / Heterize’, Etherwood takes control of Hospital Podcast #442. Expect fresh Drum & Bass from the likes of Fred V, Paige Julia, Emba, Technimatic and more!




Etherwood - Heterize
Walk:r - Setting Sun
imo-Lu - Circle
Fred V - Trust Me (feat Syrah)
Ben Soundscape - Bronx Jazz
DPR & Auris - Back Chat
Hocseat - Recovery
Monrroe - Closer feat Riya 
Adam Planet - Must Be Dreaming
Inigma - Leviathan
Moekel - The Wall
Kublai - Young Soul
Lally & Aaliyah Esprit - Hustling
Emba - Mirrors
L-Side & MC Fats - High Times (Break Remix)
Ben Rolo & Echo Motion - Fall Into Place
Subdue - Thetans 
Sorn - No More Tears 
Unglued - Way Back When (feat Esther 
Phil Tangent - Temporary Silence
Kolectiv and Mauoq - Data Vibe
Paige Julia - Dreams
QZB & Rider Shafique - Perfectly Aligned 
Dunk - Pirate Junkies
Invert Era - KD
Technimatic - Minefield 
London Elektricity - Bells In My Head (feat Elsa Esmerelda)
Etherwood - I Will Wave To You

Following his brand new EP ‘Dream in Green’, Hugh Hardie has taken command of podcast 441 treating us to 90 minutes of his favourite fresh releases and unreleased gems. Expect new bits from GLXY, Pola & Bryson, Unglued & Lally.




Hugh Hardie - No Compromise 
GLXY - New Soul
Lenzman - Old Times Sake
L-Side & DRS - No Sound
GLXY - Method
Shy Fx, Breakage - Rastafari
Hugh Hardie - Klaxon
Hugh Hardie - Repeater
Satl - Just Words
Hugh Hardie - Dream In Green ft Zoe Kypri
Hugh Hardie & Pola & Bryson - Bending Light
GLXY - Wild Love
Nu:Tone - Girl On A Bike
Break - Conversations ft Cleveland Watkiss (Breakage remix)
GEST - Inertia
Sam Binga & Chimpo - Rude AF
Lally - All The Time 
Unglued - ID
DJ Marky - One Exception (ID remix)
Phil Tangent - Wonder
FD - Bully
Lenzman - Down for Whatever (Jubei remix)
Unglued - ID
Jubei - Cold Heart
Machinedrum - Back 2 U
Phaction - Distant Lovers
Hugh Hardie - Learning To Fly
Nu:Tone - Helarctos
Pola & Bryson & Ruth Royall - Friend
Submorphics & Pola & Bryson - Albion Road
Alix Perez - Blurred Lines
Monrroe - Fleeting Love VIP
Lally - Hustlin’


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